Arizona Home Speaker Rusty Bowers kilos one other nail in Rep. Andy Biggs’ Jan. 6 coffin

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Arizona Home Speaker Rusty Bowers kilos one other nail in Rep. Andy Biggs’ Jan. 6 coffin
Arizona Home Speaker Rusty Bowers kilos one other nail in Rep. Andy Biggs’ Jan. 6 coffin

Representative Andy Biggs has described the committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol as...

Consultant Andy Biggs has described the fee investigating the January 6 assault on the Capitol as “pure political theater.”

The Speaker of the Arizona Home of Representatives, Rusty Powers, didn’t hesitate throughout his testimony earlier than the Choose Committee investigating the January 6 assault on the Capitol.

Again. I swear to inform the reality. Ashraf is to his proper.

Simply as he did at the hours of darkness days after the 2020 presidential election, when President Donald Trump and his unquestionable canine canine tried to stress Powers to illegally launch the outcomes of the Arizona election.

Powers had requested proof of election fraud from Trump members. I’ve requested over and over. And he acquired nothing.

Nevertheless, he was requested to de-certify voters by those that referred to as themselves their fellow Republicans. He was requested to violate the oath of workplace and the total democratic premise upon which the state relies.

And he will not.

Bigs was amongst those that put stress on Bowers

It seems that amongst those that requested him was Arizona Republican Andy Bigs.

After some time, the committee issued subpoenas to Biggs and different members of Congress, saying partially that they needed to listen to “those who had direct conversations with President Trump before and during the attack, and those who were involved in planning and coordinating certain activities on January 6th.” And earlier than him.”

Biggs called the commission “purely political theatre”. He said the members are conducting a “baseless witch hunt”.

You don’t have proof: Rusty Powers says Giuliani has not shown any fraud

He said, “I cannot take part within the illegitimate and Democratic-sympathetic Home Committee on January 6. The committee has been a hoax since its inception. Its complete function is to destroy President Trump and his supporters, intimidate members of Congress, and distract Individuals from the actual points which might be destroying this nation. The committee works with the identical The form of prejudice discovered within the Salem Witch Trials. Everyone seems to be responsible they usually must show their innocence. They base the witch hunt on doubtful media accounts.”

As I said at the time, a case of political hissing like this begs one simple question: Why is Bigs afraid of testifying under oath?

Powers will not violate his oath

Now we know.

Powers was asked if Biggs had called him and asked him to decertify the presidential electors in Arizona. By this time, Powers was more convinced than ever that there was no legal justification for doing so.

Powers said of Biggs, “He requested if I’d signal each letters despatched out of my state or if I’d help voter ratification, and I mentioned I would not.”

second opinion: Remember the Arizona politicians who tried to sabotage democracy

Powers went on to say, as he had believed long before that, “now we have no authorized course … for us to hold out such a request.”

We already know that Bigs was closely involved in Trump’s attempted coup.

Letters sent to the Select Committee by Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, show Bigs calling his friend Meadows (who succeeded him as the House Freedom Caucus’s chair) and suggesting that states with Republican-controlled legislatures like Arizona draw up rolls of alternate electors. To replace legitimate voters – men and women who followed the law and the constitution and honored the actual election results.

Arizona eventually sent two fake lists of voters to Washington, D.C.

Was there a request for pardon?

The select committee also heard testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson, a former executive aide to Meadows, who said that at least 10 lawmakers, including Bigs, met in late December to come up with ideas for nullifying the election results.

Powers, like any other witness who appeared before the commission, swore to tell the truth.

Whoever does so, then perjury, faces five years in prison.

If Bigs believes he has done nothing wrong, if he is proud of his actions, if he can defend them, and tell the truth about them, under oath, then he should take the opportunity to expose the commission as a “pure political theater” that he claims to be.

The committee sent Bigs a letter stating that White House staff told its investigators that Bigs was among the members of Congress who sought amnesty “for actions undertaken in reference to President Trump’s efforts to nullify the outcomes of the 2020 presidential election.”

The truth will set you free, or…

I must think Biggs would want to answer questions about that, I ask for it Even, and about all the other things the committee might want to know about his involvement in trying to keep Trump in office. I think he’d be eager to do it, under oath, as Powers did.

After all, Bigs has spoken in the past about his deep Christian faith. And the Bible tells us that the truth will set you free.

Or… isn’t it?

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This text initially appeared in The Arizona Republic: Rusty Bowers drives one other nail in Consultant Andy Bigs’ coffin on Jan. 6

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