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Florida’s Cuban-American lieutenant governor sells out her heritage for anti-immigrant votes


Expensive Lieutenant. Authorities. Janet Nunez

Again off all you need now that your Miami electoral stunt has failed, however I heard your anti-immigrant touch upon Cuban radio – and I communicate Spanish flawlessly.

You might be an act Know that anti-immigrant Individuals such as you – and the governor you serve – don’t desire your Cuban dad and mom or mine to settle in giant numbers in Miami within the Nineteen Sixties, do they?

Similar for the Cubans who got here within the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.

Decade after decade, many Individuals have rejected our language, tradition, pores and skin coloration, and our controversial “Casablanca-style” insurance policies.

Some did not even wish to plant mango bushes in Hialeah’s yards. I do know. I wrote the story. And plenty of in America nonetheless don’t love mangoes, irrespective of how highly effective they’re to our society to win our votes.

Once you embraced and endorsed Governor Ron DeSantis’ ridiculous supply to Florida racists about transferring immigrants to Biden’s dwelling state of Delaware — together with a brand new wave of Cubans fleeing communism — do you know what got here to thoughts?

How my father was provided $100, some huge cash in 1969, to resettle in Oklahoma.

proudly refused.

We’re simply right here to attend for Fidel Castro to fall, he mentioned, a sense he skilled, as a Cuban citizen dies regardless of a long time in exile, regardless of the threats of the Republicans, who had been foolishly taking a look at them via rose-colored glasses. its medical protection.

That is the era into which I used to be born in Miami in 1972—and whose disgrace you’re feeling when you slot in with the form of politician who, then and now, adopted the same rhetoric to tell us that we had been neither wished nor wished. heaven.

There’s nothing to misconceive, because the governor’s consultant in English solely claimed, in what I mentioned Saturday on conservative Cuban radio.

“he is [DeSantis] We’ll send them, very frankly, to Delaware, the president’s state,” Nunez mentioned, the Miami Herald reported. Going to is Florida.”

Clear as the sun approaches the clouds.

History and Heritage

I am here to remind you of our history and heritage.

In the past when we were seen as interlopers, our access numbers were religiously recorded – whether it was the 250,000 during the Freedom cruises or, in particular, the 125,000 who came aboard Mariel’s boat and were wholesale abused as criminals – it seemed that we they Always too many.

Now, Cuban-American Republicans like you — and Miami-Dade County GOP President Rene Garcia, who doubled the number of cross-border arrivals on radio Monday. And you, Cuban Americans, are rejecting the people, to whom we cheered each other from the comfort and safety of Miami during the historic July 11, 2021 protests in Cuba.

We gladly want them martyrs, not exiles.


Are you so caught up in the bubble of supremacy that you don’t see the obvious?

You, whose parents ran away and did not stay to fight, now want to ship those who did to Delaware. Castro did the same for us – he sent us from there. Just because these Cubans didn’t want to spend 10, 15, 20 years of sentences handed down by the regime, is the price to pay for protesting in Cuba.

What makes 2022 so different from 1961?

Your father told an Associated Press reporter when he died, “He left Havana in 1961 after studying that he would possibly face home arrest on account of opinions opposing the nation’s chief Fidel Castro.”

People fleeing today have suffered far worse from the threat of house arrest.

And please, don’t dig the hole deeper by saying that you don’t mean in defense of sending Cubans to Delaware, but only other immigrants arriving by sea and the southern border.

The Cuban exception is nothing but an immigration law on the books, passed in favor of our parents by Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, by the way. Other refugees, like Haitians, are fleeing chaotic and dangerous conditions like murder and mayhem, not blackouts.

All this makes your attitude — your constant wandering of cheap Republican talking points attacking immigrants in the capital of the exiles, a place of refuge built against the prevailing winds of American racism — so immoral.

If you weren’t in a position to help – or hurt – our community, I wouldn’t care a single thing what you condone in Miami’s conservative Cuban airwaves.

You and your radio hosts are loyal to the Republican Party and predictable. You have all sunk before, lying and despising everything that does not fit the politics of the far right.

And this low new, Lieutenant Governance, isn’t your first rodeo. And this new bottom, lieutenant, isn’t the first rodeo.

Your anti-immigrant sentiments are well documented.

“Lt. Governor Janet Nunez has forgotten the meaning of the dialect and tilde in her name,” she wrote in 2019 after cheerfully topping an event organized by notorious immigrant haters and nationalists.

Read more: Lt. Janet Nunez forgot the meaning of the dialect, the tilde in her name

In the face of backlash, she then feigned ignorance about the organization’s classification as a hate group with ties to white supremacists and eugenicists.

Similarly, your defense now is to cast a shadow over words that have already been spoken, long after the poisonous message has been delivered.

But, Latina’s pride in the high position has long since faded, we believe you when you say who you are.

Apparently, it’s not a Cuban American that honors history and heritage.





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