Horgan suspends controversial rebuild of Royal B.C. Museum

Home entertainment Horgan suspends controversial rebuild of Royal B.C. Museum
Horgan suspends controversial rebuild of Royal B.C. Museum
Horgan suspends controversial rebuild of Royal B.C. Museum

Prime Minister John Horgan introduced on Wednesday that the province will droop the controversial $789 million plan to rebuild the Royal British Museum.

Horgan stated the expensive venture was a “wrong decision at the wrong time” and that the federal government heard opposition from British Columbians “loud and clear”.

“You made the wrong call,” the prime minister stated. “I made a call when the British Columbians were considering other concerns.”

Horgan defined that British Columbians weren’t keen to just accept $800 million in venture prices whereas the province confronted a scarcity of medical doctors, a rising value of dwelling, and different essential issues stemming from the pandemic.

An opinion ballot printed final week by the Angus Reed Institute confirmed that 69 % of British Columbians oppose the plan.

The museum’s improve, introduced in Could, contains plans to demolish and rebuild the Museum in Victoria over the course of almost a decade.

The prime minister stated the province would now return “to the drawing board” and the museum would stay open indefinitely. He introduced {that a} wide-ranging session course of would start to make sure that British Columbians had an opportunity to supply enter on methods to improve the Royal Museum of British Columbia.

John Horgan puts $789 million on hold to rebuild museum

British Columbia Prime Minister John Horgan said the province will pause rebuilding the Royal British Museum in Victoria indefinitely after heavy criticism over costs.

Horgan said he does not support the renovation and still strongly believes the building needs to be redone.

Tourism Minister Melanie Mark defended the rebuilding, describing the museum in its current state as “ineffective”. She said it needed seismic upgrades, is full of hazardous materials like asbestos and lead, is inaccessible to people with disabilities and structurally insufficient to maintain its existing collection or host major exhibitions.

The exterior of the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria in 2021. (Mike McArthur/CBC)

After criticism of the museum’s rebuilding plans, the county released more than 2,300 partially redacted pages of reports and appendices supporting the controversial project, and explaining why a full rebuild was necessary.

Liberal leader Kevin Falcone was happy to call off rebuilding for now, but fears that there will be no meaningful consultation to come up with a new plan.

“It sounds a lot to me like, ‘Let’s kick this on the road until the temperature drops and then we can move forward as we plan to build this billion-plus-dollar museum that no one asked for and no one asked for.'” “”

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