Robert Englund talks sequel’s homosexual subtext

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Robert Englund talks sequel’s homosexual subtext
Robert Englund talks sequel’s homosexual subtext

So far as the seemingly “straight” ’80s film sequences go, nothing will beat the sweaty, T-shirt fighter pilots leaping across the sand to Kenny Loggins’ Taking part in With the Boys in HigherThe unforgettable seaside volleyball combat.

However like Robert Englund – the person who wore a killer razor-claw glove to Freddy Krueger to torture teenagers for eight installments of Nightmare on Alam Avenue – reminds us, the primary sequel to the franchise, Freddy’s revenge (1985), belongs to the identical dialog.

Part 2 He has something bisexual and psychologically interesting happening to him. We didn’t hit him on the head with a nail. Englund told Yahoo Entertainment of the sequel, which turned 35 this month, during 2014. role call Interview (see above). “Not quite different from volleyball in Better.

“Part of it is only for decorating windows. But part of it is really there.”

Englund refers to the relationship between Jesse Walsh (Mark Patton), the teenager who is stalked by Freddy after his family moves into Nancy Thompson’s old home from part Oneand his new friend Grady (Robert Rossler). In one scene, the pair wrestle around the floor while playing baseball in gym class, and Jesse’s bare limp is exposed the entire time. Jesse also dreams of being at a gay bar in one scene, watching his teacher get killed while being stripped naked in the bathroom. In another scene, Jesse escapes into Grady’s bedroom after his body starts changing while he’s with a girl.

“It is as if Freddy is enjoying with some latency between the boys,” Englund said. “It is like Freddy’s smart to her, and enjoying together with her.”

“It unfolds, too,” Englund said, referring to the scene where Jesse kills Grady at the end. “Freddie actually comes out of Mark Patton.”

No wonder why Freddy’s revenge It has been called “probably the most homosexual horror film ever”.

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