‘So Happy’ Former ‘X-Men’ Co-Star Elliot Web page Got here Out as Transgender

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‘So Happy’ Former ‘X-Men’ Co-Star Elliot Web page Got here Out as Transgender
‘So Happy’ Former ‘X-Men’ Co-Star Elliot Web page Got here Out as Transgender

Sir Ian McKellen, one among Hollywood’s most influential homosexual actors, is backing his former “X-Men” star Elliot Web page after Web page got here out as transgender in December.

In a dialog with Angle Journal, McKellen mentioned that from his expertise as an actor who has been overtly homosexual for the reason that Eighties, “everything is getting better.” [when you come out because you get self-confidence]. Relationships enhance, buddies of every kind, household, if you’re fortunate. And in my case, I believe in every case, your illustration is sure to alter and enhance.”

McKellen and Paige met on the set of “X-Men: The Last Stand,” which debuted in theaters in 2006 and noticed McKellen reprising his function because the supervillain Magneto. Paige joined this movie as Kitty Pryde (often known as Shadowcat), occurring to the function in “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

McKellen advised Angle that when he first began working with Web page, it was arduous for him to listen to Web page’s notes at times, and he needed to ask the youthful actor to talk.

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I keep in mind Elliot Web page, in one of many ‘X-Males’ [movies], we sat as shut as we at the moment are. And I needed to speak once they completed, and I could not hear what they had been saying. No person can hear what they’re saying. So, I mentioned, “Look, if you can’t talk, do you mind when you’re done talking, just drop your hand so I know when you’re done talking?”

McKellen went on to say that it now crosses his thoughts that Paige could have been deliberately hiding himself or having issue speaking resulting from his as but unpublished homosexual and transgender identification. “Then they left [as gay] Years later, she suddenly couldn’t stop them from speaking. “I heard it all,” McKellen said, referring to Page’s speech at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Time to THRIVE conference in February 2014.

As one of the UK’s (and world’s) most popular gay actors and outspoken advocate for gay and transgender rights, McKellen said he was disappointed in himself that he didn’t learn about Page’s struggles early on and help him on his journey out. McKellen, who came out as gay in 1988 after then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed a controversial law that would ban councils in the UK from funding art that showcases same-sex relationships and prohibit teachers from informing students about LGBT issues in schools. The legislation was repealed in 2003, but McKellen was one of the first UK acting stars to vehemently oppose the case.

McKellen mentioned he is glad Paige is now totally transgender.

“Now… they are Elliots. And I am so happy for Elliot, and so disappointed in myself that I did not discover how hard they had to communicate,” mentioned McKellen.

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