This DNA testing package may predict the way you may die – and present find out how to stop it

Home science Genetics This DNA testing package may predict the way you may die – and present find out how to stop it
This DNA testing package may predict the way you may die – and present find out how to stop it
This DNA testing package may predict the way you may die – and present find out how to stop it

Think about being given advance warning about how you’re more likely to die, together with recommendations on what you are able to do to stop it.

That is the ability of genome sequencing. And whereas quickly evolving expertise can not make you immortal, it might assist us all reside more healthy for longer.

By realizing not solely whether or not a affected person is more likely to develop diabetes or most cancers, however which medicine will likely be simplest for restoration based mostly on their DNA, clinicians may have the ability to alter the best way well being care is delivered.

An at-home DNA take a look at is now out there within the Dhs999 ($272) saliva sampling package offered by Dante Labs’ “Genetic for Everybody” challenge.

Folks can use genomics not once they get sick, however earlier than they get sick

Andrea Riposati, CEO of Dante Genomics

the operation

As soon as collected within the Silicon Oasis lab, the DNA within the saliva is analyzed to create a whole report.

The outcomes can decide the physique’s preparations, from potential illness to muscle and bone formation.

Complete evaluation provides clear perception into metabolic susceptibility and harm, meals intolerances, and even probably the most acceptable skincare routine, packaged inside a novel genetic profile.

Andrea Riposati, CEO of Dante Genomics Group, stated the expertise has the potential to rework healthcare.

“Genomics is at a similar stage to when the Internet was first launched,” he stated.

“It was first used by a few people but has continued to change the world within a few years. The beauty of genomics is transforming science into individual benefits and saving lives.

“It can personalize the way we eat and train to adapt our lives to live longer and healthier. People can use genomics not when they get sick, but before they get sick.”

Andrea Riposati displays the sequencing machine at Dante Laboratories in Dubai's Silicon Oasis.  Pawan Singh/The National

The $6 million lab, which opened in January, has the capability to investigate as much as 1,000 samples per week however is at present processing about 300.

Saliva collectors instruct the person to brush their enamel, then wait half-hour with out consuming, ingesting, or smoking earlier than spitting into the tube.

Shaking the tube mixes it with a buffer resolution, after which it’s positioned contained in the offered return field and assortment is organized by way of e mail.

When the pattern reaches the lab, DNA extraction begins inside a sequencing room referred to as a “temple” for technicians. That is the place the magic occurs.

The DNA pattern is transformed into information, with a single genome offering about 19 gigabytes of genetic data.

The supercomputer analyzes that information and produces a report inside a minute, which creates a map of an individual’s genetic well being or biomarkers that would point out a crimson flag for a potential illness.

The end result

Outcomes are compiled right into a report and returned securely by way of encrypted e mail inside two to 4 weeks.

“The challenge is to turn this huge amount of genomic data into genomic information that is easy to understand but also scientifically validated,” stated Mr. Riposati.

“You don’t need to be a doctor to interpret the results.

Currently, people visit the doctor when they are sick and it may be too late in some cases.

“This type of test is like insurance. By knowing what kind of drugs you will respond well to, doctors have more clarity on the course of treatment they have to administer.

“It’s about getting better knowledge about your health.”

Data is stored securely and anonymously

The data is encrypted and anonymised, with personal information isolated in a separate database of genetic data so there is no chance of identification.

Gene sequencing and DNA extraction could solve one of humanity’s biggest puzzles – how to deal with antimicrobial resistance.

Knowing which antibiotics a person is likely to respond to, medics can offer the most effective treatment — rather than spin the wheel in the hope of finding an antibiotic that will wipe out a bacterial infection.

Genes control the production of enzymes that metabolize drugs when we are sick. These enzymes affect how well the medication works or what side effects may appear.

Our unique genotype reveals the amount of enzymes produced to break down the drug so that it can be more easily absorbed.

It is just one of many ways genetic information can be harnessed to improve health care decisions.

In April, Dante Labs was selected as the genetic testing provider for the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center (ADSCC), where scientists will focus on cell therapy and regenerative medicine.

A joint mRNA vaccine platform development program has been established to identify individual cancer therapies.

Emirati Genome Program

The Emirati Genome Program in the UAE is one of the most ambitious Emirati Genome Programs in the world.

It will explore the genetic makeup of Emiratis, using DNA sequencing and artificial intelligence to generate comprehensive, high-quality genomic data.

The resulting reference genome will pave the way for providing more personalized and preventive healthcare to UAE nationals.

The sequencing takes place at the G42 Healthcare Omics Center of Excellence in Masdar City.

“We are seeing the UAE become more powerful and a global hub for this kind of research,” stated Mr. Riposati.

“Within the final 18 months, sequencing actually totally different Covid variants has introduced genomics to the fore.

“People have reacted differently to Covid and to vaccines, which has shown how our genetic makeup affects the way we respond to different stimuli.”

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