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Digital actuality remedy helps Omaha Air Nationwide Guard veteran recuperate from aircraft crash


OMAHA, NE (WOWT) – A pilot’s worst nightmare for Air Nationwide Guard veteran Jeff Kloster got here true in August of final 12 months.

“I think I know what happened but I really don’t remember. I have amnesia from before the accident and up to a week later,” says Kloster.

Jeff sustained a number of damaged bones, together with fractures in his backbone. The docs had been not sure if he would ever stroll once more, not to mention soar into the sky.

‘You understand you are so cussed,’ my daughter-in-law stated that day, ‘I stated, I do know. Stubbornness and frills make a extremely good PT affected person.’

In opposition to all odds, Jeff will not be solely animatronic, he makes use of digital actuality remedy to dwell out his dream.

“There’s the joystick in here and the throttle and everything else, and once we’re in and we’re really flying, it was cool, can you have that feeling, you know?”

This digital actuality coaching is a part of Jeff’s plan for customized care and his occupational remedy at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals, says Tyler Bribnow, so utilizing any such digital actuality remedy helps.


“Instead of just doing your usual exercises of standing up, walking, things like that, you get them more involved in what they want to do, what they like to do. So, by doing VR with him flying a plane, he can get into the cockpit. This imaginative, and he is able to do all these controls with his hands, reach, pull and push,” says Pribno.

All through the journey, Jeff’s targets remained constant. He plans to get higher and return to the cockpit.

“I would tell you that I can probably figure out how to fly now the way I am just because everything is working,” he says.

However nonetheless, Jeff says he needs to verify his imaginative and prescient is equal earlier than he actually begins flying once more.

He is hoping to fly once more in a couple of 12 months, and his coach says, given his progress thus far, he would not be stunned if Jeff hits his purpose.


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